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CVI Solutions is one of the major suppliers of Closure of all types for pipelines and process vessels, and also Dyna-Flo Control Valves, relief valves, ball valves and other products.

In addition market-leading SENTRY Closures, CVI offers YALE Closures in

Both SENTRY and Yale Closures are products of R&M Energy.

Send us your applications. We will either offer an excellent solution based on our product families or give you our best advice on where to seek a solution.

Quick Opening Closures, Pipeline Closures, Process Filter Closures

Pipeline Closures

SENTRY closures are a quick-opening, internal door design with a one-piece seal, and easy one-person operation. SENTRY is the most popular internal door closure due to its versatile features, rugged construction, economical price and quick availability.

Sentry Quick Opening Closures
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SENTRY closures are available in high pressure designs up to 3705 PSIG working pressure or ANSI 1500# ratings. Standard sizes range from 10” nominal diameter to 72”, with other sizes available on application. Horizontal or vertical mounting is available.

Materials of construction include various carbon steels, stainless or duplex stainless steels, clad or welded alloy overlays, and specialty alloys.

SENTRY’s quick opening concept relies on simple locking ring that slides within a machined groove in the outer flange or hub. When expanded, the ring securely locks the door in place. This design is field-proven and provides integral safety features, avoiding use of external clamps with threaded expanders. Closure Sealing

SENTRY’s unique pressurized lip seal is available in a variety of materials as needed for fluid compatibility. The seal is designed for increased surface contact, reducing stress load and increasing seal life. The seal is a one-piece design that minimizes replacement cost.

Closure Safety

SENTRY closures provide not only speed of operation but also inherent safety designs that prevent unsafe operation. When the locking ring is in the closed and locked position, internal pressure creates a seating force that physically traps the locking element between the door and outer hub. It is impossible to open the door in this state.

Safety is further enhanced by the use of the integral Pressure Alert Valve (PAV) that screws into a pressure sensing port. The locking ring includes a small removable segment that is attached to the PAV, preventing accidental opening and also providing a redundant safety design. The PAV ensures that all residual pressure in the pipeline or vessel is eliminated before the pressure cap is loosened to ensure operator safety.

One-Person Operation

SENTRY’s high pressure closures provide true one-person quick opening design while maintaining the highest degree of safety integrity. Please view the literature for complete details and contact us with your application.